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How To Update Your Kitchen Windows Almost Instantly

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Who can blame us? We get tired of using the same old cookers, using the same old dishes, looking out the same old windows. If youre getting bored of those same-old windows, you might be wondering what you can do about it. Well, here are some ways to update your kitchen windows instantly.

1. Tea-towel curtains. Got any old tea-towels lying in the bottom drawer? Well, heres how you can put them to good use. Tea towel curtains are a cheap and easy way to revamp the kitchen and keep out sunlight. All you need are two pairs of normal tea-towels, a tension rod, and a sewing kit.

2. Wrought iron scrollwork. Want to make your windows look a bit classier? No problem. I have just the solution for you. Three words: wrought iron scrollwork. Scrollwork looks ornate and can give a bland window that much-needed home-made look. Its surprising how much a simple scrollwork can refresh a tired old window.

3. Window valance. Valances are borders of fabric covering the upper part of the window. They are commonly used to conceal curtain fittings, but can be used without curtains. Very popular in Victorian times, they can add a certain regal quality to a room, which may look rich when used in excess. So, make sure to use them tastefully and not overuse themunless, that is, your house is regal enough to handle them.

4. Wreaths. Even when its not Christmas, you might want to think about hanging a wreath on your window. Wreaths are fresh and natural-looking, and might serve to freshen up an otherwise lifeless window.

5. Café style shutters. Café style shutters are (as the name suggests) shutters like the ones you find in cafés. They only cover the bottom half of the window. If you want your windows to look sophisticated and continental, like windows from a Parisian café, then café style shutters are definitely for you.

Well there you go. Those are five exciting window treatments to help turn your boring old windows into visual delights. Just remember: you can do a lot with a little. Whether its an old tea-towel or a little wreath, something small can make a big difference to the general ambience of the kitchen. If youre going to spend eighteen hours a week there, you might as well revamp it every once in a while. Your eyes can only put up with so much sameness. So, make the little changes and see what difference it makes. It might even have a positive effect on your mood.

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What To Research Before Purchasing Shutters For Your Victorian Cottage

You will end up with a more authentic and beautiful feel if you have something from the right year as it will fit in perfectly to the architecture of the cottage and really set things alight. Although finding the right shutters for your home are important, you mustnt neglect to think about the price and what youre getting for this. Make sure that you speak to lots of different shutter makers in your area and see what they are offering for the price. Get free quotations, look at reviews, speak to other people that you know have had a similar issue and then go for who ticks all of your boxes. You do NOT want to compromise on one aspect of your tick list only to have to buy new shutters further down the line.

Overall the most important thing to remember is that when you have done your research thoroughly enough then you will feel completely comfortable with your decision. If you arent 100% certain of the choice youve made then it isnt the right one so go back to the start and research again. Theres no point in taking shortcuts on something that will make or break the feel of your beautiful Victorian Cottage.

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