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Guide To Buying Divan Beds With Storage

An Ottoman-style storage bed is another great space-saving solution as the Divans also can consist of split bases which are ideal if you have a tight corner to turn or steep set of stairs to manoeuvre up when installing the bed. You can buy Ottoman frames here.

Many companies offer a service where beds can be made to measure. This makes it possible for you to buy a luxurious divan bed that is either longer than a traditional bed or bigger than a super king size one. At the top of the market you are capable of finding a divan bed set that incorporates natural mohair and latex with 2520 pocket springs and layers of quality cashmere, smooth silk, lambs wool, soft white cotton and downy fibres for the ultimate in a comfortable night's sleep.

Keep an eye out for businesses that offer divans with free delivery, making their prices more competitive. If you are interested in eco-friendly options, you should look into collecting and recycling schemes. Currently, mattresses account for over 180,000 tons of landfill every year and mattresses often take over 10 years to break down and decompose. If you choose to recycle your old bed, the mattress can be stripped manually to the parts that can be recycled such as sisal fibres, cotton fibres, polyurethane foams and springs. Wooden bases can have soft wood extracted to make MDF, chipboard and mulch.

Beds are used for at least a third of our lifetimes, which equates to around 200,000 hours of sleep. It makes sense, therefore, to make the right choice when choosing a bed.

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